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"I often think to myself what would I say in those moments? You know, the ones where your son comes home and tells you something has happened at school or the ones where he looks at you and tells you that he is feeling sad or worried. I mean, I know the stuff logically. It’s a whole other thing putting it into words though in the moment."


Can you relate to this?


Would you like less arguments in your family home and more real connection?


Are you tired of mis-understandings and resorting to shouting because you don’t know what to say to your child or what they are really needing?


A Mom recently shared with me that she often wonders what to say when her son comes home from school or when the kids are arguing and then I realised what she was saying! 


She felt unsure of what to say in the moments when her children needed her the most! 


This is SO common! 


If we weren’t taught it by our parents because they weren’t taught it either; it makes sense that we wouldn’t know any different! But you are likely here to break this chain and become empowered!


I realised recently that one of the most powerful things that has helped me in my own personal development and in becoming more empowered was learning how to say what I really wanted to say clearly. 


Words are everything!


The way you say things to your children is powerful because:


  • Every single word that you say creates an imprint within their minds about who they are


  • Your emotions speak volumes! When you don’t know what to say in the moment, you will likely feel more angry or stressed and then stumble and say something that you will regret later or get into a power struggle with your child


  • It is the difference between literally feeling connected to your child and calm or stressed and disconnected


In my brand new Ebook A Pocket of Calm and Connection, I have given you a large collection of phrases and words to enable you to really connect with your child. They will help you to feel calmer too! 


When you know how to tackle something, and feel prepared with words, you will feel so much calmer! And your children pick up on that and feel more connected to you and calmer when you feel calm 😊


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EBook | A Pocket Full Of Calm And Communication

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