The Calm Parent

Do you have a sensitive child who never listens to you?

Are you sick and tired of repeating yourself?

Do you find yourself shouting, no matter how much you try to remain calm, because nothing you say seems to work?

I am here to help.

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10 Modules

Module 1 | The Many Ways We Express Anger...Without Even Realising!

This audio discusses the many ways that we may have been on the receiving end of anger without even realising and how we pass this onto children.

Module 2 | The 4 Words Your Child Hears When You Shout

This audio goes deep into the 4 words that you likely don’t realise that your child hears when you shout and how this is impacting your relationship with them.

Module 3 | How To Speak To Your Child About Choices

This behavioural changing information dives into how your child feels less afraid when you speak to them about their choices in any situation.

Module 4 | Mom Reduces Her Daughters Fear By Speaking To Her About Her Choices

Learn how a Mom in England dramatically reduced her daughters anxiety within minutes by changing her perspective AND changing the words that she used when her daughter didn’t want to go into a busy play centre. A miracle and testament to the power of language!

Module 5 | How I Told The Truth To A Child About My Anger

Listen to me describe how i took ownership of my own anger and told a young girl that my anger was wrong. It wasn’t easy BUT it was a beautiful and connecting moment!

Module 6 | How To Speak To Your Child After You Got Angry

In this audio you will learn how to repair your relationship with your child after you have shouted/ been angry towards them. You will also learn about how to repair damage in your relationship from past experiences. Eg. times that you shouted/ were angry at your child in the past.

Module 7 | How To Change Your Voice And Body Language When Speaking To Your Child

In this audio you will learn how to use your voice and body language in an effective way so that your child is more likely to listen to you.

Module 8 | How To Speak To Your Child To Reduce Sibling Fighting

You will learn what to say to your children to reduce the fighting in your home.

Module 9 | How To Speak To Your Child About Your “Me” Time

In this audio you will learn how to speak clearly to your child about your own time and create self care for yourself so that you can be more present in your relationship with your child.

Module 10 | How To Effectively Speak To Your Child In Everyday Situations

This audio teaches how to speak to your child when they are feeling angry or upset, how to speak to your child when they tell you to “go away” and how to speak to your child about their use of electronics and gaming.

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